TAS 27.5 Tyres cheap/give away and tubeless valves that I will pay for


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Item: Tubeless valves (stans ZTR ARCH rims) &
27.5 Tyres cheap/give away - see extra info
Location: Tas (or post to)
Item Condition: tyres don't need to be perfect but have some life left
Reason for buying: young fella in the street loves to ride flat out and do massive skids on the bitumen. His parents bought him an anaconda fluid mtb :eek: so I'm just trying to help them out with some cheap tyres for him to destroy.
Price and price conditions: happy to pay close to retail for valves, just so another burner gets the money. happy to post/beer money for tyres but would need multiple/small bulk amount to make it worthwhile


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I have some valves you can have for the cost of postage, removed from XM1501 wheelset, they're about 35mm. Also have some 60mm Orange Seal stems too if you need longer, would probably want at least 15 bucks for those though.