TAS 30.9 Seatpost (Zero-Offset)


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Item: 30.9mm zero offset seatpost
Location: NW Tas, happy to pay post
Item Condition: Cheap. So long as it is black, zero offset, and holds a seat i'm happy.
Price and price conditions: Length doesn't matter. If it's 60mm long, that's long enough.

Item: 120mm travel 29er fork, 180mm+ steerer
Location: NW Tas, happy to pay post
Item Condition: Functional & looked after
Price and price conditions: up to $700ish (or possibly more depending on fork)
Extra: Ideally looking for a 34 StepCast or 2021 35mm SID or similar. Was going to buy new but they're all out of stock?

Bought SID Select brand new
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Factory 34 10 rides old, been sitting in a box since late last year as I ended up buying a new bike just after getting the fork. I did a lowers service and took photos of the stanchions (unmarked) before packing it away.

Currently setup 130mm but I’ve got a feeling I’ve got a 120mm airshaft for it but would need to check.

Slightly less than 170mm though as per photo:



Likes Dirt
Factory 34 10 rides old
Hmm, probably too short unfortunately. Took some measurements and is 130mm headtube with IS42/IS52 headset, allowing an extra 40mm or so for stem/spacers. I think that actually puts minimum required at around 178mm or more so had better update post. Keen on the post if it's 0-offset Contact SL or similar.