80-100mm qr fork for 26" wheel


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Item: need an 80-100mm travel fork
Location: Sydney
Price range/Willing to Pay: not too much :)
Extra Info: bought and old xs 26 hardtail for my son but the fork on there is super heavy. Looking for something lighter. Air sprung. Quick release. Prefer straight steerer but might be able to make a tapered work.


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There was a nice set of Rebas on fleabay the other day cheap. Now there's only moronically overpriced sets. Reba race, Sid xx and fox for $300. Get dual air Rockshox, awesomely tunable to run soft for kids. I found Sid World Cups for $100. 1350 grams of kid cool.


with a big stick
I put fox f100 on a mates kids build. Not bad at lower pressures, but doesn't compare to the dual air RS. Fwiw, I have 2 pairs of lower end Rebas and 2 pairs of high end SIDS on various family bikes. The Rebas aren't a lot heavier, but a ton plusher, and easier to tune.


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G'day - I've got a set of RS Recon U-turn forks for 26" wheels. Barely used a few years go and have sat doing nothing since.
Specs: can take v brakes or disc, QR wheel, travel is 85mm to 130 mm although currently it is stuck at 85. Maybe an expert tinkerer can encourage it to adjust. Weight is 2057 gms on kitchen scales. straight steerer, cut to 204 mm. Crown race removed.
Condition: A couple of marks on lowers and crown, stanchions perfect. Compression adjuster works during off-bike test.
Location: Lower north shore Sydney.


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I've got tora 318 solo airs, 100mm, qr, uncut steerer, but used. Disc and rim brake mounts. Remote lock out top cap has cracked, so can't be locked out. $100<br />
<br />
I also have fox 32 evo rs. 15mm axle and a long steerer. 120mm. Rebound adjuster is busted.. Not sure what needs fixing. $100.