99 Bikes Canberra - which one?

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Buying a new bike from the superstore that is 99 bikes.

I live in the southern highlands 1/2 way between Sydney and Canberra. Prefer to travel to Canberra so which 99 bikes should I use Phillip or Mitchell?

Don’t have a preference either way so experience with either would be appreciated?



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I’m near the Phillip one if you need someone to have a look at something.

Never been in there.


The obviative
Shouldn’t matter with a click and collect, unless they are building the bike up for you?

My local 99 bikes has some decent guys working there. Wouldn’t want them working on my bikes though, but that goes for 90% of shops anyway.

SF Trailboy

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Given the deal on it, I have budget available but surely one of the two should shops in the act must have one half decent mtb person....


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Never had a bike built by them but 99 bikes Mitchell are really good to deal with and nothing is to much trouble. Nick the manager is really good and so is Ben one of the sales guys.