a whinge about LBS

So when I first started out mountain biking I bought some Vans to ride in. They are what I had ridden in as a kid and teenager when doing BMX and they were as good as anything I knew. It has become evident to me after getting pretty soaked last weekend when riding how heavy they are and probably creating a lot of extra weight to my reciprocating mass when pedalling that I need some dedicated MTB shoes. So I have been to probably 6 or so local and not so local stores and I am appalled at the lack of choice of both brands and stock levels on offer. Is it any wonder that people are shopping more and more online!!
Can anyone give me some suggestions of GOOD and well stocked LBS's (of shoes mainly) in the Sydney area where I can support some bricks and mortar? I recognize the role they have to play in growing and maintaining this sport and I want to support them but if the shops don't stock what we the punters want, then what are we meant to do other than go online!!


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Shoes eh?
In my experience for specialized shoes, find a specialized shop. If you want anything else from a LBS you are unlikely to find them in stock in a range of sizes.
Mid range Shimano etc. stuff is often at 99 bikes.

Isn't there a Summit Cycles store in Sydney that promotes as a high end mtb store? Might be worth a try.


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I usually can't even find my shoe size in a shoe shop let alone cycling shoes in a bike shop.

The first pair are always the hardest after that the sizing is relative.


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A lot of the stores are probably having some trouble getting the shoes considering most of them are made in China and some may even be boycotting buying Chinese products.
Don't hate on on online stores though, they have just as many staff as bike shops.
Who’s boycotting Chinese products?? How is that even realistically possible?


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As @Dozer mentioned, stocks will be very thin soon.

My LBS is quite concerned on whether they will receive orders and they have one of the biggest supplies of floor stock in Australia.
Have been absolutely smashed with people buying bikes and all related gear during lockdown