Ad campagains you wish existed and general bike snobbery


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Hopefully this makes sense to a bunch of you out there and starts something fun. Wanting to see your ideas for bike ad campaigns you wish existed and perhaps some of the great ones that do (anyone remember the old ads with Bill Clinton endorsing an impotence free saddle??).

Anyway here's mine to get the ball rolling. Myself and a mate generally find Merida the least inspiring of all bike brands (hence general bike snobbery in the title) and from there came up with this one while out on a ride....

Giant Bikes.jpg

Who's next....

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I can't find an image, but I always loved the Ellsworth Love Triangle adverts from way back when they were cool.


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How about..

"The bike you love. The brand you love. Designed by Merida. Built by Merida. Sold by <insert one of the brands merida manufactures for.

Should have just bought a Merida"

(for what it's worth, I love my One-Forty-3-B, so screw your Holden of the MTB world :p)

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BMW - tell your friends you're rich, but boring.

BMW - Cash only, no imagination needed.

I have me a bunch of 'why the fuck does everyone buy a beamer???' rage.


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Avid, a brake that will stop you from riding. (hopefully I don't have to explain that)

Colnago; You love Giant so much you just wanted to buy an overpriced one.
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Avid, for riders that never stop!

Giant Bicycles; Also available in XS through to XL.


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Kool stop brake pads.....
It ain't no kool stop, always an overheated argument ........


Giant. When you want to ride, rather than tell everyone you don't ride a Giant.

<insert boutique brand name>: when your income far outweighs your ability, but not your gut.


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Giant - proud sponsors of Boko Haram Racing.

Trek - when you don't want Al Qaeda to win