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Discussion in 'Enduro / All Mountain' started by outtacontrol, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. outtacontrol

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    I know there are other threads about which post is better, but rather than hijack, thought I would start this one.

    I am currently test riding a Joplin 4 and have found it quite off putting that you need to sit on the seat to get it to drop.
    For me, the whole idea of AM riding is just dealing with whatever you come across while riding down a trail. The last thing I want to do when rounding a corner to be faced with a big drop is to sit down to get the seat to drop.

    Are there any posts that drop without your weight needed to activate?
  2. pearl

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    Adjustable Seat Post

    Hi Mate

    I don't think so, i've been deliberating for a while now and just bought a reverb, easy to fit, works well, well made. Definitely enhances your ride, but yes this one needs downward pressure too,i think they all do because it would open up a whole new challenge for the manufacturers in getting it to go down as well as up without applying pressure. Plus, you get to choose the exact height you require with a reverb up to 5 inches.
  3. zstreetco

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    I don't think sitting on it to drop it is the most annoying thing for me, I think its having to stand up and use one hand to raise it (mine is the lever version) that puts me off my game so much. Depends on the riding your doing I guess because im sitting on my saddle a lot so if I feel the need to drop it then there's not change on stance, but it is a massive help when you come to a jump, drop or any nice obstacle that you wanna smash with your saddle down.
  4. tasty.dirt74

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    Shit outta luck !

    All the adjustables out there require a downward weight push for them to activate. If they were to go down by themselves, then they would need to be physically lifted up, as the mechanisms inside would be reversed to get the automatic down drop..
  5. JBR

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    The 4 stages of learning - unconscious incompetence, concious incompetence, conscious competence and finally unconscious competence.

    Before you know you'll hit stage 4 and won't care if you are sitting standing or whatever else.

    Buy buy buy! dropper posts for an AM bike are a must have.
  6. Bretto172

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    Reverb better than joplin?


    Hope this isnt too off the subject, ive got a joplin 4 on my remedy and i think its definetly better than no dropper post but the fact that it comes up if you lift the seat really annoying. How did you find the reverb? Ive been looking around for a good deal on one as im thinking i might try out instead as it doesnt have this problem..
  7. wind ding brutha

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    I have both currently, Reverb which is near new and an 18 month old Joplin. Joplin is best. After 18 months of flogging the guts out of it the main internal valve shagged out. 2 Year warranty so it's being fixed right now. I bought a Reverb to pass the time between and thought it would be better. Rode it once, got an hour in and it lost all air pressure and i was stuck about 20k's away from home with a lot of climbing ahead and a post stuck an inch off bottom. Great! In short, they all will develop some side to side play at the nose but the best thing with the Joplin is the ease of servicing and rebuilding the internals compared to a Reverb. I sent my Reverb back for warranty and have been told that Monza wont have tools to fix it for 3-4 weeks! Hahahah! What do you do... Mates have Reverbs now and they require constant bleeding of the line to keep them running fast and they have terrible play side to side but more distubingly fore and aft as well. Joplin internals are simple, cable for the remote is easy, that makes it my pick.
  8. koiom

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    anyone running a Kind Shock seat post?
    how do you find it?
    i'd love an adjustable for my new bike but i'm buggered if i'm not reading how everyone's is a hassle :confused:
  9. Bretto172

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    Cheers or that, ive heard the reverbs need bleeding out of the box too did you have this problem? with little or no instructions?

    Might stick to my joplin then, its been pretty reliable i guess and its much better than the joplin 3 thats on the missus bike. The 3's have a lot of play in them..

    Id be interested to hear from anyone whos used the KS post
  10. Dales Cannon

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    My reverb needed bleeding out of the box but it is a simple process and all the bits you need are supplied with the seatpost. Refer the other thread for details. Since then I have bled it once more. Still easy. Wife's bike has the kind adjustable seatpost and it is ok but it flexes more than the reverb. I have had to adjust the cable release on that twice but also no big deal.

    Happy with the reverb.
  11. tricycle

    tricycle Banned

    i have 2 joplin 4s--- non remote,on a mojo and firebird wouldnt ride without them !they transform the bike into a nimble decender after a hard seated climb.INCREDABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. aanon

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    I have a Gravity Dropper turbo on my Meta 5 and i would be lost without it.
    Got it over a year ago and have had no issues with it at all.
    If you do get a dropper post get one with a remote lever.
    They are awesome mate, you wont be disappointed.
  13. Beej1

    Beej1 Senior Member

    I've had my i900r for over 6 months. Zero issues, use it pretty much every ride at least once.

    Awesome post, don't know how I'd do without it. If & when it finally starts to play up, there's a thread on MTBR about how to service it yourself, and it looks pretty easy and most problems can be sorted out yourself.




  14. digitalhippie

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    Love to get an adjustable seat post when the piggy bank allows, would complete the bike I reckon. Leaning towards a Reverb.

    For now though make do with the manual quick release seat post clamp.
  15. tricycle

    tricycle Banned

    thats a sweet ride!! looks awsome mate:cool:
  16. dunndog

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    Haha, you mean subconscious.. Bit hard to learn or do anything while unconscious...
  17. eMOJO

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    So where is the best place to buy the i950-r or i900-r in AUS?
  18. taquar

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  19. Scotty99

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    Have had a KS i950 fitted to my AM bike for a couple of weeks, love it and wouldn't be without it. Was very sceptical at first but having riden a variety of terrain I would hope I was a little quicker but I'm definately more comfortable. Not for everyone perhaps but definately worth a look......
    I didn't go for the remote 'cause I didn't want any more crap on the bars and nothing could be more natural than reaching for your tackle!
  20. retroenduro

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    got the i900 as i heard they are reliable and its never let me down. it doesnt even have any play in it. i would deffo reccomend these.

    and all that guff about losing your flow by having tosit on it to make it go down....try getting off the bike, undoing the seatclamp, putting the seat down to the right level, doing up the quick release and setting off again.;)

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