STOLEN Alchemy mtn bike orange grey and black


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Hey guys,

Had my Alchemy stolen about 2 weeks ago, its a long shot at trying to get it back but it might be worth it.

Bike is Large frame (21inch)
Mainly orange, has black and grey stripes and accents.
Rst shocks
Deore componentry
I put bar ends on it, ad orange cage for drink bottle.

Got stolen from my house in donvale, melbourne.

I got home from riding from work and got a flat in my driveway, left the bike down the side of the house (cannot be seen from the road, about 300 metres from the road, long driveway) and I drove to lbs to pick up a new tube and came back it was gone, reported it cops, asked neighbours if they saw anything, checked ebay, trading post, all local cash converters and got nothing.
If anyones sees anyone riding an alchemy fitting this description let me know coz its a rare bike, not many around and it stands out with its bright colors.
In the meantime im stuck riding a giant rincon. :(

Damn, that would really suck dude :( i would get real mad if my bike got stolen. So much money poured into them and if they are just stolen it would really suck. Well, I know a few people around Melbourne that can keep an eye out for ya.