ARC8 Extra


Feelin' a bit rrranty
@Asininedrivel asked for a PYR, but it's really just the Nicolai post-frame swap. Some more pictures, anyway.

Arc8 Extra (M)
Fox Float X 230x60mm (160mm)
Fox 36 160mm
OneUp 20mm bar and Bikeyoke BarKeeper
Shimano M8100
Formula Cura 4 with RGComponents levers
Bikeyoke Revive 185mm, Specialized Phenom Pro
DT Swiss EXC1200, DHRII Terra (R) and Assegai Grip (F) both Exo+
14.00kg on the button

Think that's about it!



Feelin' a bit rrranty
Ride report not loading. Nice looking rig
I like it. Light and dynamic, suspension balance is good. The short rear end and slightly shorter reach than the Nic makes it really snappy on direction changes and poppy and easy to jump which is what I was looking for. Some ironing wrinkles and chasing rattles still to do but I’m happy with it. May also play with a coil shock and longer fork for a laugh and see how it goes with full enduro spec.