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You'd be surprised how far you can push a "small" xc tyre
Yeah, am noticing that more recently. Picked up an Ardent Race to use on the rear over an Aggressor.. makes more of a difference than I thought rolling-wise, and didn't even notice much of a change in grip. Never really tried different tyres so going to give a couple a go to get more of a feel for the differences.


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You'd be surprised how far you can push a "small" xc tyre
Since I decided to ride the long travel everywhere Irekon I've lost a bit of skills. With huge knobby tyres, and slack bike you can chuck it anywhere and it just sticks. Back onto the XC with ikons and ardent and it's a bit of a rollercoaster. Sort of fun though I admit.

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I just spent the weekend flogging a Canis/Svelt combo on loose rock over hard pack. It's a pretty tail-happy combination but other than me having to drop pressure on the front they held on really well. If can get the same price, I'd put another Svelt on the back when the time comes.

I do love me a tail-happy bike though :D


Think I might give the Svelt a try, been looking for something fast rolling with enough side bite. Was looking at the Canis the other day but the "We would not recommend this as a front tyre for all-mountain and Enduro use" part put me off. Didn't realise the Svelt was on-sale too, bit of a bummer as only just did an MTBD order.
Also just in, Crossmark are a terrible enduro tyre :D


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Thank you folks, for this ^^^^^^ discussion. I've been contemplating getting some winter tyres, but think I'll just stick with the stocky's that came on the bike. Cheers

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Only flats I've had in 3 years, and all tubed up. Why are they so shit, made for kiddies I think
Same experience here. Bought one a few years ago (no idea why) and have just thrown it into service this year. Punctured on a kids social ride, riding up the first climb at all of 6kmh.

Fortunately was one of the ultra rare occasions I thought to carry a spare tube and CO2.


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You'd be surprised how far you can push a "small" xc tyre, just check out the last couple of world cup XCO races. The last round in Albstat was so wet most riders were unrecognisable by the end and I think the most aggressive tyre I saw was a Maxxis Aspen! Now that's pro riders compared to us mere mortals but I can say I've been having a ton of fun riding faster xc rubber the last 12 months

I'll vouch for that. The Svelts 2.25s were awesome. Held up mightily over the P2P. I broke a spoke on the last day on the rough trials before anything went wrong withe the tyres. Now I need to get the wheel sorted before Bayview Blast so I can run the wheels again!