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Shipping would be a couple of weeks and yeah $40. I was planning on buying a few things to make it worth my while. Otherwise MTB direct is not so bad.

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Got my 4 hopeDH rims delivered yesterday. For less than the retail price of one.
I believe a few people ordered, but then were informed they were all gone.
Sucks to not be me.


I'm full, couldn't eat another dick
Won't your son crack them first run?
You’d think so. Runs them on both his DH and trail bikes.
One small dent on the trail bike after losing pressure at Mt Buller on Abom in a race.
Other than that, handled everything he can throw at them so far. I haven’t even installed his Cushcore o_O

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Box Components 20% off site wide until Dec 30. Code: SALE19

$60 flat rate shipping so If anyone in Melbourne wants anything, hit me up to see If we can organise a group buy.


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Link to a superlight medium even though they are old and has a nontapered headtube I have had one for 6 years it is an awesome, cheap do most stuff, single pivot quality frame when hot rodded ie 120mm front fork and increase rear travel , dropper ,no front derailleur ,bigger brakes .