Bargain buys thread


i thought people had learnt their lesson on carbon rails, first people won’t stay home & now they keep buying carbon that’s sure to break due to stress
Won’t someone think of the 20 grams! Carbon splinter are easy to get out of your arse cheeks.


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I can understand shorts as I find it hard to get xl big enough for me but no sealant and gloves WTF
Did you go to a bike shop ? ;)
I live in Western Melbourne. They don't exist. And summit shut on the day I can sneak off. Shorts needed 36 as 34s were tight after holidays haha.


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I actually went to a local Giant store on Saturday chasing a derailleur hanger but of course I have an oddball one. I was very surprised by the amount of stuff they stocked in there. Heaps of Fox gear in most sizes.


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I actually just did an order from MTB direct - they have some stuff on great pricing currently - I got a new Fox Speedframe Helmet pretty cheap. They also have the trust forks at pricing that makes them realisitic alternative to main streams.


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I reckon online stores will do okay for a bit while people are at home searching for stuff but with the currency rate at the moment surely they are screwed when they try and stock back up.