bike bungee. sick es bro.


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Wow. I wanna see sam hill ripping up some s-bends with some poor sucker hooked up to him... hahaha
"If you can do it with a companion, it's even bitter!"
I think what you meant to say there was:

"Ef yi cun do et wuth e cempunyin, et's ivven bitter"
Lol, where would we be without the kiwi accent :p
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I'll get one for my riding compunion wuthout the same futness and abulity.

In all seriousness, it's not such a bad idea for riding with my kids. I'll get 2 and make a bungee train:)


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I can't wait until the lasso version comes out so you can catch a quicker rider flying past you.

One question if one rider goes down then would that mean the other rider gets pulled down as well?