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As for the suggestion that no-one needs a dualcab. What absolute codwaffle. Next time you want to go pick up cement or a diff leaking oil make sure to put it in the back of your X-trail.
I don't believe that no one should have a dual cab ute, I believe most people shouldn't. There are some people who have a decent reason, the rest are doing it for fashion which I disagree with.

How many people have transported a diff leaking oil in the last 3 years? Could it have been done with a borrowed or hired trailer? Hire a ute from Bunnings? Do you really need to drag that tray around 99% of the time you drive for the rate occasion you want to put something dirty in the back? Dual cab Utes have tiny trays that cant fit much in them that you used to do with single cabs. They're too compromised to be properly practical.

I probably would have put it in the back of my xtrail to be honest. The seats usually stay down for dogs and bikes to be in the back and a bit of protection could have made it work out. I dont expect everyone to be the same though
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Dual cab Utes have tiny trays that
1800x1800 on my standard lux tray isn’t tiny.

As per my earlier post, I agree on pretty much everything else. Doesn’t just relate to DC utes though. How many people need a car capable of 200+ and go from 0-100 in 5 seconds?
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50kg at the hitch? 30kg+ of bikes and rack hanging out behind the car an potentially bouncing is surely going to blow that out of the water pretty quickly. I could see it being fine for one bike on a compact rack.
I think it is rated around 50-100kgs of bikes on the rack. Something like that but bad to be quoted on by fuzzy memory.
Not a whole lot and probably not for your eBike.

The hitch ratings are here. Not for everyone but if you aren't into caravans or pulling stumps out of the ground then you have an option.

Added a bit more. Easily mounted like this and you have a removable hitch which is what I wanted.

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Just had a call from Mitch. My new and improved 5 bike Single Trail rack will be ready for collection this afternoon:p:p:p
Woohoo bonus of living close to the manufacturer. I'll have to wait another week for mine to arrive, but still can't travel more than 30km to ride in TAS anyway so no great loss. Can't wait to get it though ordered mine in December.


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Yeah, was a bit of a delay, but I wasn't in a rush, and the improvements were well worth waiting for, I reckon.


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So where are the photos of the updated design?
All over the webs...but I’ll take some later. Posted these on the wrong thread the other day.



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Foot operated tilt/drop.


Quick attach/release rope goes around crank and replaces 2 elastic straps

Wheel hoop redesigned so there’s no potential spoke rub

Drops right to the ground to access a wagon door


Rod replacing laser cut cradles at bottom. Gentler on tyres

6mm Allen bolt to activate the anti-wobble in hitch. (Does what a bolt does I most hitches...but better.

Can micro tilt and lock in place if your tray almost fouls like mine.

Also, can option a taller upright for more wheel clearance.



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Bit the bullet and got a Gripsport rack - Only even need to carry 2 bikes at once - Got the Van version non tilting with the car adapter as I will make it fit the camper trailer too - Final catalyst for the purchase was $150 cash back until the end of May brings the price down a lot - Used on a trip last week it' good - real good