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I keep 4 bikes in my room due to my current living situation.

At the moment they basically sit on a bit of cardboard all leaning up on each other against my bed. Big pain in the ass to pick out a particular bike for skids. Can anyone recommend a storage solution that isn't too costly which might either open up a bit more floor space or make picking out any bike easier?



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TBSM sell this single bike holder things for 20-30 bucks each I think. They have some different types (was just in there looking) but I don't think anything gets more compact than simply leaning them against each other. Alternatively make your own rack out of wood (a frame with several pairs of batons to hold a wheel. I think I'd take the specific bike stand over home made wooden frame though.


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I had the same issue recently and though about building one or buying individual stands , but ended up with a Minoura Gravity Stand.

I don't have any facilities for building my own, and the individual stands take up heaps of room!

Blown away by the build quality and works a treat.
I only have 2 bikes to deal with, but 2 stands would work if you have the wall space.

Same as this


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I found that I was tight on space. I was looking at the 'Steadyrack', but at $75 each and multiple bikes it was a little pricey for me.
I went this this solution:
Really helps to be able to 'fold' the bikes away. It also means that you can bunch then up a little closer together than normal, because it's easier to get a specific bike out without the pedals or bars getting snagged on another bike.


I used similar hooks mounted horizontally to a piece of 35x90 attached to the garage wall. I wouldnt buy that massive rack if you don't need to, lot of wasted $$ to hold some bikes up.
Its only about $200. If you have a few bikes that's money well spent.


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Its only about $200. If you have a few bikes that's money well spent.
What's the difference between hanging them in the same configuration on the wall/roof vs rack? I know what I'd rather spend my $200 on. It does seem good if you're renting or need to move it though.


What's the difference between hanging them in the same configuration on the wall/roof vs rack? I know what I'd rather spend my $200 on. It does seem good if you're renting or need to move it though.
Versus on a wall?
They are hanging vertical on this rack, so they hang straight. If the hooks were on a wall, they would be splaying all over the place. I have six bikes on mine, and they hang securely not scratching each other.

Versus on roof?
How tall is your garage roof? Would you be sure to reach the bike up that high, I know I would struggle on my garage roof, it is way too high to hang a bike from.
The garage ceiling section where the bikes fit in my garage is only particle board so no strength at all to hold six bikes.

The top of the rack is itself further storage, so adds heaps of further storage in my garage.

Plus helmets and heaps of other bike crap hangs on the racks.

Well spent $200 that one.

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Yes, it seems so in your case.
The Bunnings rack is also a great solution for renters, you cant just throw a 2x4 on the ceiling of your apartment and expect to get your deposit back.

I agree, if you own your property you can build something more permanent, but if you rent, it is a great option.


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Yes it's quite a good idea for typical renters as I've said earlier. I've actually got two racks in a row setup along my garage wall but as shelving and storage only. I wouldn't waste one on hanging bikes from though. Even in the case of renting, I wouldn't find it a problem bogging a few 1c holes in the roof or wall but not everyone is handy like that (as easy as it is).

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I would strongly recommend adding heavy locks to these racks and stuff if you're storing your bike in your garage and you're not 100% certain that no one could get in there and make off with your bikes. This especially goes for communal garages in apartments and stuff. My bikes were stolen from my garage so we bit the bullet and spent about $1000 getting tool boxes, a bike rail and D locks, and a rotary hammer to make sure there was almost no way to steal anything from my garage unless you had 10+ minutes with an angle grinder making a racket. Now it's really convenient and secure and I don't have to worry about my stuff going missing again. For racks like these I might recommend a heavy chain or bar that goes through the frames.


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good thing about storing like this is you can secure all your bikes with either a long bit of pipe and some padlocks or one long wire-rope lock.

I bought a heap of these a few years ago while ordering some other things from chain reaction
screwed them into the posts on the back deck, two bikes per post (I have a very understanding wife :heh: )
You can always ask your landlord if they mind a few holes in the garage wall or in areas other than the living room

with the racking/shelves from bunnings, keep an eye out for closing down sales of workshops (lots of that lately...)
grays online etc sometimes have hardcore shelving for scrap metal prices


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Been trying to find an old thread with bike storage solutions in it. Sure I've posted in it, but this thread is the newest on topic.

Time in garage today.
Two sections of pool fence, some 40mm tubing from lying around cut to size and welded up (poorly) and some reclaimed bed slats and a few screws.

Can store 6 on the top with easy access and about 8 underneath if I use Tetris skills.