NSW Bike Trailer, Hope Brakes and Droppers!


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Item: Croozer 2 kid bike trailer
Location: Hornsby, NSW
Item Condition: For lack of a better term, almost brand new. It has been used 3-4 times with only 1 kid and she fell asleep after 10mins each time...
Reason for selling: Not used
Price and price conditions: $250 pick up would be nice. New they are still surprisingly expensive, but it's a niche market...
Extra Info: Nope
Pictures: See below


Item: KS LEV Integra - 125mm dropper - 30.9 post size with new remote
Location: As before
Item Condition: Used for ~1mth
Reason for selling: I need a hugely offset post (25mm at least...)
Price and price conditions: I'd like to see $250 for it, it's hardly been used really
Extra Info:
See below

Item: KS eTenI Integra - 125mm dropper - 30.9 post size with new remote - 15mm offset head
Location: As before, not moving
Item Condition: Basically new - even better than the KS Lev
Reason for selling: As before - tried this before I found the 25mm offset ordered from overseas (also an eten)
Price and price conditions: $150?
Extra Info:


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Likes Dirt
I reckon it'll fit in a post bag... I guess $9? I haven't posted anything for a while, so I'll cover the rest if I can't fit it in a 500g one, as long as you are within Aus...