Bleeding hydraulic brakes after 1 year - worthwhile?

Discussion in 'Parts 'n Stuff' started by Binaural, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. Tubbsy

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    I'll get around to it one day. Maybe trailside.
  2. @link1896 I've noticed that SRAM no longer even include the degassing step in their bleed procedures, do you notice much difference in the results when you vacuum bleed?
  3. link1896

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    Yep, vac bleeding Guide RS or RSC , it makes a rear brake feel like a non vac bled front, eliminates a lot the sponginess. Makes a front lever feel rock hard and super responsive. The flip side to this, you're still left noticing the rear plastic lines swelling under pressure.

    I work with dot fluid, my whole fleet of bikes use guides so no way I can afford to jump ship, but I still hate dot fluid. It's horrendous crap.
  4. Yes, I had to replace a rear brake line just this week and despite a token effort couldn't find anyone selling braided lines for Guides, specifically S4 caliper but I don't think that there is a difference in the banjo anyway.
  5. Oddjob

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    Uberbike sell a universal kit but they only have a very limited stock of line colours.

    Goodridge kits are here

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  6. wkkie

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  7. Oddjob

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    Hmm. Maybe just google tweeks cycles goodridge.

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  8. link1896

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    URL works fine for me.

    Kit 111 is what you want for Guides I believe. I think I will be ordering some.
  9. Thanks, I did see those but as I'd had a nasty encounter with a stick and wanted to get the bike back up and running without delay I decided to stick with MTB direct, I'd just wrongly assumed that braided lines would be more commonly available.
    Let me know how the upgrade goes Link, I'd be interested in your thoughts.
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  10. urallwrong

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    Here's someone that thought the 1 year mark was a good bleed interval...
    1 Year Mark.JPG
    My crappy phone camera can't do it justice.
  11. stirk

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    Looks like coffee! I'll be doing a pair that are 26 months old....... So will post a pick IMG_20180203_171911.jpg
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  12. wkkie

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    I'm going to do a full flush of a mates m800 Saint brakes that I used to own. They haven't had a full bleed for almost 10 years. They haven't had a super hard life, but should still be interesting to see the soup the comes out. Hopefully I'll remember to take some photos!
  13. Fruitbat

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    Damn... until I saw these pics I was happy with a "if its working don't mess with it" approach. Looks like I will be dropping into Supercheap on the way home for some DOT fluid...
  14. So I realise that DOT fluid is the devil and will eat through paint like a rabid teenager with the munchies would through your pantry, but what about the Avid/SRAM DOT compatible grease... is it corrosive as well?
  15. urallwrong

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    No. The specificity is more about its interaction with DOT compatible rubber bits.
  16. Flow-Rider

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    If you've ever ridden through water on a hot day with glycol based Dot fluid, it will be totally fucked.
  17. Mr Crudley

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    This is a great thread folks. I'm contemplating a bit of brake maintenance finally.

    Is there any magical special sauce added to the Avid Dot 5 fluid or any old Dot 5 from the local auto emporium will do fine?

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  18. Flow-Rider

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    I don't think avid run Dot 5, Dot 5 is silicone based. You can use Dot 4 and Dot 5.1, auto stuff is no different from the gen Avid stuff.
  19. link1896

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    Not so sure about SRAM's dot compatible grease, request a MSDS if you want to see what's it's ingredients are, but the Castrol Red Rubber grease, which is used for every brake rebuild in the world thats automotive, is not at all corrosive, it's highly refined mineral oil derived.
  20. Flow-Rider

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    *(petroleum jelly) / vasolene, without the red dye.

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