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    *******Upcoming Event********
    Borah Banzai - Presented by The Bike Amoury.
    Location: Mount Borah, Manilla Australia.
    Date: 22nd/23rd July 2017
    2 days of enduro fun.
    Proposed race format attached

    Early entries soon with

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  2. haltz

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    Are all the cabins booked out yet? Not to sound like a complete pussy but that's gonna be a cold as fuuuuck night at that time of year

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  3. avd316

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    Be great for a Bon Fire and not to hot for the riding.

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  4. not_brian

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    I've stayed here heaps of times during summer & winter to go flying & it's a great spot for a winter camp. The bonfire pit is enormous!
    Hopefully the bar will be open.
  5. avd316

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    Bar is always open.

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  6. avd316

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    Web page for more information

    Here is the address for the web site.... Please share the information. Mount Borah is a great area for riding mountain bikes. Everyone complains that all of the tracks that we race are getting old and boring. Well here is some new stuff

  7. avd316

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    Borah..... program.[​IMG]

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  8. avd316

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    Smashed out some more single track.... getting ready for the 22nd/23rd July race.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  9. avd316

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