Sold Brand-X Ascend II 150mm dropper, 30.9, external actuation


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Item: Brand-X Ascend II Dropper Post - 30.9, 150mm drop, external actuation
Location: NW Tas
Item Condition: Near new, barely used
Reason for selling: Going internal + different size
Price and price conditions: $150 posted Sooold
Extra Info:
Includes lever/cable, kept it fairly long on purpose so should fit all but Pole-long medium/large frames.
Pictures: Don't have any on hand, but can grab if needed
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Hey Zac, the ascend II has the schraeder valve at top under seat clamp, yeah?


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I'd have to check, I seem to recall adding air to it but don't take my word for it. Can have a look and grab some pictures tonight.


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Must have been imagining things. Nope, it's one of the newer cartridge ones which makes sense given it's only a couple months old. Have attached some pics.

Seems a small amount of mud somehow made it into top of post, has been overly wet down here last week or two - gets everywhere :rolleyes: Have since cleaned it out.