Bright, Round 3 Nationals, March 15-17 - this weekend


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CA have confirmed they will waive the late fees for the Bright round this weekend, so you can still get in without paying extra right up 'til things kick off.

The DH track is like you've never seen it (unless you rode it last weekend), a ton of work has gone into getting it into shape for this. Lots of it has been opened up with more line choice, berms built up, root sections created and so on. Today the scaffold XC/DH overpass went in - quite the structure.

The DH finish is right in one of the campgrounds (Outdoor Inn), and Bright's got plenty of accommodation to suit any budget.

Don't miss out, it should be a great weekend on a course that's been off the calendar for something like 16 years and is known for being long and steep.


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Friday Practice

First day done. The comments I heard out on track where, "This is so much fun", "Awesome track" and so on. Many of the marshals commented that they kept hearing people saying how good the track was. There where plenty of helmet/chest cams on the course, so hopefully there's some footage going up around the place.

Transport was a bit slow today as there where reduced vehicles (not everyone was out for Friday practice) and some transport coordination issues arose. We've more vehicles and what should be a quicker turnaround system for Sat/Sun.

More practice then seeding tomorrow (Sat).

If anyone has some links to footage it'd be great to link it here.


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Thanks for that. That's what I've been waiting for from Sam - massive gap between him and 2nd place.


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Thanks for that. That's what I've been waiting for from Sam - massive gap between him and 2nd place.
Agreed. Reckon that's the type of gap the top boys would be putting into the national field. Really hope we see Sam win a round or too this WC season.


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Rider Ttl Time
1 Samuel Hill 4:19.24
2 Troy Brosnan 4:20.34
3 Jack Moir 4:23.98
4 Ben Cory 4:31.21
5 David McMillan 4:36.18


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Sam was seeded first and the next rider was Jack Moir if i remember correctly about 9 seconds behind. Behind him was Kovarik, Troy and Conner I think all within a second or so of each other.
Solid effort by the rest of the field to get that gap back to 1 second