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Hi guys,

Not sure if this is the correct forum section for this...

So two great pump tracks in Brisbane were demolished by BCC last year and my pump track bike has been stored under the house since. I'm not sure why they were demolished. One was near my house near Anzac Park in Toowong, and the other at Albany Creek.

Does anyone know any good tracks that still exist, or that have been built since? I know of Blue Nurses jumps at Ashgrove, and I haven't checked it out in a long time - is there anything in the way of pump tracks out there nowadays? I also read about this but I'm not sure if it is built yet.. I have always been respectful of tracks in the past and I'm willing to put in some dig time if someone has a private track, just PM me ;).

If anyone could point me in the right direction I'd appreciate the help.



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Don't get your hopes up re walkabout ck. The builder tests pump tracks on an intense tracer. Trailworx was the overseeing contractor so can only hope that Pete was able to keep an eye on things.

The two you mentioned were some of the best I have ridden locally.


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There is also one at Underwood Park. It has been built with a road base/ fine gravel so pretty slippery. It may get better with some use as it seems like mainly punters who ride it.


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ahhh the AC pumpy, spent many a weekend there
I must admit, when I saw a photo of it flattened I almost cried. I loved that place.

Anybody know Pete from Trailworx? Wouldn't mind an update about the whole thing out at Walkabout Creek.



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Pumps tracks and thread rising from the dead.

Drove past the bracken ridge one the other day, almost complete.

The Darra one looks superb from the plans but is still a way off.


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There is a small pump track on the corso in Fairfield. It's not the best design or in the best shape but it's pumpable. It's under a nice big shady tree which also means it tends to be quite full of crap, leaves and such. There is also a series of 4ft jumps next to it which aren't too bad at the moment.