camping near mt buller


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yeah this is the spot on carters!
was a great weekend away, very chilled!
highly recommend getting a bunch of guys together for this!


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Anyone going to Buller for the long weekend? I'm planning on going.. I suspect there'll be a lot of people going up but I could be wrong? I think I'll try camping in the swag somewhere.
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Anyone know is the above camping info still current?
Which of the 'above' info are you talking about? I find the easiest camping spot to be on the right hand side of the road just after the Marimbah store. It's free and you can get a shuttle from the store up the mountain.

You can finish the day by coming down Delatite and finishing up just across the road. Very convenient.


Sounds like it's worth a trip. Is it the type of camping spot where you can leave everything standing while you ride ?


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Last year there was talk of the camp ground near the Mirimbah store being closed down soon. Anyone know if its still possible to camp there at the moment? Heading to Buller in Feb and want to camp there again if possible.