Christmas Demo Reel


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Jupiter24 Demo/Christmas Reel​

Well, here is my as-of-yet unfinished Demo/Christmas Reel. All shot in 2010, with the exception of a few things shot in december of 09. This is the rough cut (ie, not perfected, non-colour corrected, low quality.) I have learnt heaps in the last 12-18months and hopefully in 2011 I'll be able to step it up to a higher quality than ever before.



Vimeo - COMING


I'll give you lot a yell when I have a finished version.

jimmy irwin

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Some nice footage in there.. But i think the song really lacked a bit,
I can see your going for the kinda of "reflection" and "remembering 2010 riding" feel, but i don't think it really suited..

Nice work though, there seems to be a lot of footage from a heap of events in there which is always good to see :)