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Completely. There’s a bit of bogan in all of us.
Circulating the ‘bogan baby names’ link got me into a bit trouble with a few individuals at one of my old jobs. Was very funny.
You have to feel sorry for the unsuspecting kids lumbered with a name that wasn't going to remain in fashion for long.

Naming kids after American states couldn't work out well either. Dakota, Montana and Georgia have had a good run but never heard a kid being called Idaho, Oklahoma or Massachusetts.


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Apparently Jak-Daniel is now a bogan name. You can see that poor kids life already mapped out. And it won’t be pretty.
This reminds me of when #1 was born, after he arrived approx 6am on 25 Sept (AFL GF day) we got shuffled up to the maternity ward because there was no private rooms available, the family (the Kelly's) on the other side of the curtain sounded like an interesting bunch. The greater family unit must have been in attendance and the language was, shall we say... colourful, anyways all the males disappeared up the street into Newtown for lunch and to watch the game in their JD/Ford/Holden/Southern Cross black tees. When they rolled back in they were absolutely blind, trying to disguise the smoking and the language was atrocious. But gee whizz they were super proud of dad and the new addition to their family, little baby Ned.

Poor wee kid never stood a chance.

Luckily somebody left and we got shuffled into a another room about 30mins later.
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