Claw & McCaul in the Gobi Desert.


Likes Dirt
Thats one of the best videos I've ever seen.

Reminds me of most skiing videos, only the snow is an odd color, and there skis have formed into bikes.

Thats real freerideing to me!


Cannon Fodder
nice vid but the hike up the mountain with a bike on your back whould have been terrible but worth it in the end:D


Likes Dirt
Awesome! Thats the thing i love about mountain biking and what the NWD films bring to it. Its amazing the amount of money that goes into exploring these remote parts of the world and being able to bring to the rest of the community! Its great for the progression of the sport and seeing what the bikes and athletes are capable of.

Great find as well, its just like they're skiing down the slopes, so scenic!