Commute from Ascot to Brisbane CBD


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Hi all,

We will be moving to Brisbane in the next few weeks and am wondering on the best bike commute from Ascot, to the Brisbane CBD (Creek st specifically). Are there many bike paths/quiet streets? Any roads to avoid??

Any local advice much appreciated
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Where in Ascot? A few ways you could go.
Bikepaths would be minimal unless you want to go out of your way but there are some ways that are quieter than others.


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You're going to have to play around with the exact street address in Ascot, and where you want to end up in Creek Street, but here's a great site that'll show it to you.

I've entered Ascot and Creek Street for you.

Play around with the drop field selection for maximise bikeways to get varied routes.


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I cycle from Nundah to the City, via a number of different courses on the roadie, most days. Couple of those options that pass Ascot are:

Kingsford Smith drive is horrendous. I'd never ride on this road during peak hour(s), and the footpath (on the water side) is rough, and at only a 1m wide in parts can be quite a squeeze past walkers (not their fault, the councils).

The remaining roads aren't too bad and generally have the odd police car on them during peak hours to help keep the road-raggers calm.

Cheers, Lee.
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Brave Kingsford Smith Drive, yeah it's touch and go sometimes though so are most streets. I ride it everyday and only a couple of close ish calls. Worse in the cbd!