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So my rebound knob was jammed on my Fox fork because I pretty much set and forget when I buy a bike. I did the only logical thing and tried to unjam it with pliers and it snapped off.

Anyone know if you can just replace the shaft it is on, or does it need a whole new Fit4 damper?

I would also like to nominate Fox to the fuckwit thread for putting it on the muddy end of the fork leg in the first place.
Happens to pretty much all these forks unfortunately and I did the same. Was quoted around $270 for service and replacement/fix

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Happens to pretty much all these forks unfortunately and I did the same. Was quoted around $270 for service and replacement/fix
That is potentially not too bad a price. A service on the fork might not be much less.

Some brands might sell the knobs etc individually. Though fortunately I haven't needed to look for a long time.


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Would have thought it'd cost a damper service + new rebound pin, since that part should come out for replace the oring behind it anyway...


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I got a new cordless drill a few months back and was wandering around the house with various bits tightening everything that needed it and losening then tightening everything else, when I walked past my bike.. looked around to make sure I was alone and slid my drill into the top cap bolt.

Completely destroyed the head of the bolt. Im pretending its fine.


Ok, here we go.

Working on the cracked Transition in the carport yesterday, stripping parts to put on the Rune.
Felix asks for a ride to Nerrina to meet a mate for a ride. Quinn will be fine alone for an hour.
Jump in ute, away we go.
Drop him off, and 1/2 way home (30 minutes each way) he calls that he’s found an injured possum. I drive back, help catch it, and let him get back to riding.
45 minutes on the phone trying to find a place to take it. All closed, not answering, or directing me to a woman who also isn’t answering.
Decide to take it to riding mates vet practice. Big down pour on the way. Deep bluestone gutters in front of his practice under water and I can’t see the concrete ramp. I’ve come the wrong way down one way street in a rush, and cars coming other way.
I guess where driveway is...nope. Slam front wheel off side into sharp gutter, destroying tyre immediately.
Roll Ute into a park, drop off possum, come back to change tyre. Pouring rain again, shitty Jack won’t lift high enough to fit spare.
Chock it up, try again, fit tyre and head home to Quinn. It’s now been 2.5h.
Hey home, dry off, go to work on bike 2 best sets of Allen keys and FIIK what else had been left on bull bar when I drove Felix in.
Go driving to find tools on road.
Can’t find.
$470 for 2 new tyres.
$70+ worth of Allen keys. More when I remember what else.

Possum put down anyway.
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I really do feel sorry for that whole torrid affair, but I find it comforting that my shit life is, by comparison, eternal sunshine.

Thankyou Moorey.

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