COVID-19: who’s going full doomsday prep on this?


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I wouldn't weld yourself to that idea - it's looking pretty flexible and if (big if) cases go down to 5 a day by the end of October I'd wager we'd be back at Stage 2(ish) with pubs and shit open.

My guess is we'll back be back to Stage 3 by the end of the month the way things are going.
i had hope before this sundays roadmap announcement.... full pessimism now though.


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From September 28, Melbourne will move to a second stage if the city reaches an average daily case rate of 30-50 cases over the previous 14 days.
If the city does achieve this, it will still have a night-time curfew.
Residents will still have to remain within 5 kilometres of their homes and will only be allowed to leave home for the permitted four reasons.
Outdoor public gatherings of up to five people from two households will be allowed, with infants under the age of one not included in this number.
Lots of "ifs". Feel sorry for you guys...


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Umm, yes. I went to Brisbane the other week. Flew to Adelaide last week.
Beers with mates n stuff.

Stay sane all Victorians! Hopefully the weather is shit
Honestly it feels pretty weird knowing life is operating pretty much as normal only a few hundred kms away. Speaking to parents, family and mates going out and living life doesn't really compute atm. Kinda surreal.
i had hope before this sundays roadmap announcement.... full pessimism now though.
Chin up my dude (if you can), we're through the worst of it. My birthday tomorrow is still going to be awash with pimping beer and a hangover at work the next day, so some consistency is still possible.


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^^^ hoping were coming out the other side now. Might be too much to wish for interstate travel by Xmas ?
QLD, TAS, NT WA’s expectation of zero community transfer for 14-28 days makes that pretty unlikely.. Bit hypocritical of QLD considering the virus is out in the community...
My bet is borders will open scotty pulls the pin on job keeper/seeker.. Not enough coin in each state to sustain themselves..