Craig Woodhead on Chumba Whumba Racing


Eats Squid
Local Brissy\Australian MTB madman Craig "woody" Woodhead will be representing Chumba Whumba over in the US for the 2006 season. This is awesome news and all the local Brissy and Australian MTB crew will definitely be watching Woody rip up the US dirt !

Press Release:
February 23rd, 2006
Anaheim, CA - Australian gravity and street rider Craig Woodhead, also known as "Woody" to many, has recently signed to represent CHUMBA Racing in their 2006 factory racing effort. Woody’s background in personal fitness training, street riding and competition in the UCI world cups, Norba National, and Australian Nationals gives him an extensive base that is highly regarded to in the MTB industry. Look for Woody to compete aboard his CHUMBA Racing F4 in select UCI, NORBA, and special events across the U.S. and Canada in the 2006 season.
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