CT-18 "Car and Moto" wash With hose adaptor. Best thing since Milo

Discussion in 'General MTB Discussion' started by lockieoc, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. lockieoc

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    hey guys
    washed my bike with some CT18 detergent that i picked off the clearance table at work. For those who dont know what CT18 is it is perhaps the best Vehicle detgergent on the market you can use it for washing motos, cars, trucks and pushies, AMB rave on about it and they think its awsome, you can also get CT20 which is slightly better but i cant seem to find one with the hose aplicator. i didnt think CT18 could get any better but it has i bought the one with the hose aplicator so you plug the hose straight onto the bottle. it comes in a two liter bottle so you cna get plenty of washes out of one. works a treat blasts of the mud no problems and no need for sponges or buckets so its a lazy half assed mans dream. cleans off any excess grease and grime on your bike. the best part is you can pick it up for around $15 (dont be afraid to haggle the best price repco can do on it is $11) its on most clearance tabes at any Repco store. just thought i would share this with you guys. 10 out of 10.

    Best thing since Milo??...........mmmmm thats a tough call. but still very very good stuff.
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  2. TwoDogs

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    Personally, I have greater success using the Truck Wash. I've tried Milo and even Ovaltine but it just isn't as good. :p
  3. lockieoc

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  4. rip_it07

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    sweet gona have to get some. no more of this scrubbing the mud off.
  5. thecat

    thecat NSWMTB, Central Tableland MBC

    Same as the old teepol.. Just a word of warning keep it away from your brakes and the seals in your forks/shocks
  6. rip_it07

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    what will it do to them?
  7. Gruntled

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    And keep it off your hubs, bottom bracket and headset seals as well. Once in it will destroy the grease. There is no way I'd use it on my bicycle, even though it is my weapon of choice for cleaning the landcruiser.
  8. rip_it07

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    true shit it does'nt sound to good anymore haha
  9. ridingismyreligion

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    I've used it on my brakes and it doesn't do a thing to them. however i don't leave it on for ages and wash it off with clean water.
  10. jumpers

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    As per Gruntled said - i used truck wash, ate away grease on headset, pivots within 4 months even though i never used a pressure wash. Isnt truck wash designed to be super strong ie to get crap of trucks???;)
  11. thecat

    thecat NSWMTB, Central Tableland MBC

    It will also degrade the rubber/plastic in your seals. Fines for one or two times but will lead to premature break down of the seals
  12. Spanky_Ham

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  13. lockieoc

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    you would need a very high concentrate for this to happen which is why i use the ct18 with the hose attachment to make sure you get the right mixture. it is designed for motos so i cant see how it would do a heap of damage to your seals and brakes considering that pushies and motos a very much alike.
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  14. Plow King

    Plow King Little bit.

    Since when was milo any good?
  15. lockieoc

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    :eek:..... leave now before you hurt someones feelings!

    oh and for the record ct-18 is for motos and cars and ct-20 is the heavy duty stuff for trucks.
  16. Gruntled

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    I am just trying to help, it's your pushy bro.
  17. lockieoc

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    nah man i wasnt having a go i was just making a point
  18. SpectRe

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    CT-18 is not just made for motos or cars... it's marketed as a 'CT-18 Superwash' suitable for "all types of vehicles, bikes, boats, equipment and exterior of houses".
    The CT-20 is made for the same applications, however it is marketed as a "wash and wax" as opposed to the CT-18 "Superwash"

    It's pretty potent stuff and you will only need to add a small amount of the stuff to a bucket of water when washing anything. We use it at work to clean our big prime mover and float trailer and anything else that just needs a good clean. For the big machines, we use an orange based degreaser made by Fortron, which is even better stuff.. however I don't think I'd use it on my pushy...

    Be verrry careful if using some of the other highly concentrated truck washes at home - make sure you only use a capful tops to a bucket of water and don't leave it on for too long (especially if not diluted properly!) before rinsing thoroughly.
    Some of you may have seen some of the older RawNRG hire bikes getting around with bronzey-brown coloured rims a few years back... They used to be black and you can guess what changed them.. :)
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  19. 24alpha

    24alpha mtbpicsonline.com

    And i was told on the weekend that CT-18 also ruins the paint work. Fades it.
  20. ridingismyreligion

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    surely if that were the case then it would damage the paint on cars.

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