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Item: straight steerer 26inch forks, coil or air, 80-120mm travel?
Location: vic, the state of the rising cases!
Price range/Willing to Pay: prefer sub 100, so doesnt have to look flash, just be relatively sturdy
Extra Info: howdy friends it's me again in the wanted section, wish you all a happy New year!

Building a rough DJ/urban assault bike for a friend and the current forks coil which is fine but they have a real clunk to them when they extend so I'm wondering if anyone has something else out there suitable? We are in our 40s so no big air or extreme engineering required just not something with 28mm stanchions :)

Alternatively, if anyone has an idea how i might alleviate the clunk on the rst launch coil forks that i have, i would love any advice (had thought maybe a thick rubber washer inside the stanchion, where the rods meet the stops?) Im new to fork internals so please forgive any naivety.

Thanks for reading. Hope you all stay safe burners! :)
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pink poodle

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Perhaps some fresh oil in your rebound leg will reduce what sounds like a top out?

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Likes Dirt
They are coil both sides :( if you pull the front up to jump or bunny hop, there is a distinct clunk, so wondering if its missing a stopper. Its not a flash fork but its relatively sturdy so would be great to recycle it if i cant find a better option

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