Do i need specific jockey/pulley wheels for older 9 speed X0 derailleur?


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Genuine there about $80 and despite hours of google searches I just can't work out what makes the X0 pulley wheels so special. Are they different sizes or do they just have fancy bearings? Can I just buy any old ebay 11t wheels to replaced them?

I'm still chasing this clicking noise in the rear of the stumpy and found the top pulley wheel has cracked all the way through and it looks like the wheel is pulling off the bearing on rotation causing the noise.


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Don’t need to be XO. They just had better bearings than X9 etc from memory. BBB will sell cheaper aftermarket ones, and other companies for sure.

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normally just get the cheap ebay ones, but they will take forever, maybe buy local shimano ones , even xt usually aren’t expensive

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Surely Sram/Shimano are interchangeable for the 11t jockeys?
Some are, some aren't, but I think X0 you can usually get a way with - I put a set of Shimano pulleys in a X0 derailleur at work just the other day & they went fine. X9 & below can only use SRAM pulleys.