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Discussion in 'Lost/Found/Stolen' started by TwoSix, Apr 8, 2017.

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    It would be better to tell the police than Rotorburn. There isn't much anybody here can do other than scare the guy with the bike off Gumtree.
  3. schred

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    A few diff parts on it eg stem and crank, but shows it's hard to match historic photos if its pinched, so keep some current photos.
  4. pink poodle

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    A similar thing happened to a friend not too long ago. Bike stolen, bike found at known felon's house, felon claimed mate sold it to him... We learned:
    - There is a long long his word vs friends bs involved
    - even though bike had some parts changed, cops identified it as my mate's based solely on frames serial number
    - Mate never/still doesn't have the bike.

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