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Single Origin , Hand Made.
And of course Bespoke.

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curiosity got the better of me, had to use the googleplex to find out WTF ETSY was....what a load of wank, do people actually buy this shit?
How is somebody who does crafty things as a hobby any different to somebody who does MTB. Get out of your hole and stop hating.


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sorry, everything EXCEPT your stuff on ETSY is a load of wank...happy now!
Harsh. I confess I’d never looked on ETSY so had NFI what’s on there, but someone suggested Felix list a couple of his coat racks on there yesterday, so I checked it out.
Sure, there’s some junk scraps people seem to sell rather than bin (is that a bad thing), and lots of things I have no interest in...but I don’t get the hate.


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^ didn’t mean to start an Etsy war :oops: there’s some great stuff there and it’s a great platform for hobbyist craftspeople to sell their wares. But yes sometimes there is also ridiculously overpriced stuff like a $2500 bike stand or a pile of timber offcuts.

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They have some good vintage stuff on Etsy. Bike related and not.

Those wood slice things seem popular for weddings. I think weddings are a load of wank personally, but there is a whole industry around weddings.

You can find a load of wank anywhere.