ACT DT Swiss 15mm RWS FRONT thru axle

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Item: DT Swiss 15mm RWS FRONT thru axle, this particular one:
Location: Canberra
Item Condition: New
Reason for selling: Wrong size, the description on CRC was poor and sounded like what I needed but wasn't. It's not compatible with a 2015 Pike, thread pitch is OK but axle length is a few mm short. I dunno what fork it actually fits. Trawled a few sites: Compatibility: DT Swiss suspension forks with a 15 mm socket. Writing to CRC to update their shitty listing.
Price and price conditions: $20 plus post if not local
Extra Info: Coming to Sydney on the 19th Sept if a Sydney sider wants it can meet in the city for a beer.
Pictures: pic on link above
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