NSW Dual Suspension XC Frame - 5" Travel


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Item: Dual Suspension XC Frame - 5" travel with rear shock and headset.
Condition: Good working order - no cracks in frame and no play in bearings.
Price: $350
Extra Info:
  • Looking for a medium (17" or 18") sized frame
  • Prefer Giant Trance frame
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I have a 2009 specialized stumpy frame In reasonable condition with shock serviced by ns dynamics $350 you pay postage


what is a yous
GT Force, 2008? Maybe.
Um, can do that price though.
No cracks. Worked well when I last used it.


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Having owned a trance (08) and ridden a mates rush (similar vintage), have to say, I'd take the rush over the trance any day. My2c, if you're sold on a trance, enjoy.