DVO Diamond Vs Fox 36

Discussion in 'Parts 'n Stuff' started by Majin, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. Majin

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    Hi RBers
    Im in the process of building up a bike ( Wreckoning) but i have a pair of DVOs on order, but I still have abit of time to change it
    Ive been reading about a couple of reliability issues with the DVOS along with some HSC harshness problems.
    Has anyone heard anything or have any recommendations on these two forks? I'm torn between the two right now
    Thanks in Advance :)
  2. Zaf

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    Pretty sure if they're your choices you can't make a wrong one!!!
    The DVO's I've seen in use have been well received and reliable, though I've never owned a pair, have ridden them and they're a top quality fork.
    That said, I own Fox 36's on two of my bikes and I'd be hardpressed to choose another at the moment. If something were to pull me away from my love of the 36 at the moment, it'd be a Suntour Durolux, especially now that they've released them in 29er format, and possibly with a 20mm axle to come.
  3. Majin

    Majin Likes Bikes

    Thanks Zaf
    I'm still leaning towards the DVO, with the customer service and all( Plus I don't have to deal with the FOX importer)
    And I've just learned that the fork can still be custom tuned in the same way the fox ones can ( Shim stacks)
    The DVO looks a lot more tunable as well.
  4. Zaf

    Zaf Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Looks like you had your mind made up already!!

    Fox 36, with a HSC/LSC damper has a greater range of LSC adjustment on it and has volume spacers for the air spring that the DVO doesn't. The DVO you have to do with either a clever adjustment of higher air pressure and a larger OTT adjustment to offset the initial stiffness, or the classic ass a few mL of suspension fluid in the spring side.

    But, if the DVO is blowing your skirt up, get it!!! You can't make a bad choice here, they're both top end forks with good reason.
  5. Majin

    Majin Likes Bikes

    Yea ive kinda already ordered a dvo ... hahaha
    Ive had bad luck with fox forks before so its probably better that i go the dvo route

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