STOLEN Ellsworth Rogue in Sydney City, NSW


Cannon Fodder
This bike really stands out so I hope someone spots it. It is much loved bike and my only set of wheels. The police won't give me an event/incident number for a week, but if you do see it either go into your local cop shop and tell them the background or call 9265 6499. Thank you!

Bike: Ellsworth Rogue
Colour: Grey
Date it was stolen: Thursday 13th December at lunchtime
Where it was stolen: Outside Kathmandu on Kent St, near Town Hall
Specs: Frame - Medium 2007 Ellsworth Rouge
Rear shock - Fox DHX 5.0
Front shock/fork - Fox RC40s
Stem - Thompson
Chainguide - Mr Dirt
Chain - Shimano Xtr
Pedals - Shimano clipless
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Eats Squid
Awesome end to the story, but I gotta ask 2 things... Are you commuting on this beast? Was it locked up when stolen?


Cannon Fodder
This is my only bike, so yes, I use it to ride places every day, but I live in the inner city so I'm not covering large distances on it. It was locked, but it was a cable lock, not a U lock. I never leave it for more than 15 minutes, but clearly it doesn't take that long to steal it. Nevertheless I've learnt my lesson and I'll definitely be getting a better lock after I get my bike back from the police.


Eats Squid
yeah it's great to know you got it back! i was just wondering about the lock mainly cause i have ridden to the shops without a lock and was so paranoid about it. i took mine inside the shopping centre where i knew the cameras were and put it right in front of coles. mind you it was my old hardtail, so wouldn't be without a bike if it was lost unlike you. what happened to the bloke who stole it?


Likes Dirt
Awesome outcome!!

I had a roadie stolen twice and recovered twice, Cops spotted well known characters riding a roadie they prob shouldn't be riding.

Save yourself the pain and buy yourself a an old clunker to get around!


Really hoping for much of the same as my bike tends to stand out. flyers going up tomorrow so hopefully someone sees something