Fancy coil shocks for Capra. Kitsuma vs ohlins vs Fox


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G'day guys. Just looking for general opinions on these three fancy shocks in coil. It going on a YT Capra 29. Done a heap of reading and I'm leaning toward the Ohlins as reviews seem to indicate it is simple to set up and just works in any conditions. But the same can be said for the others if you know what you are doing, I guess. I'm a 90kg mid pack elite level enduro rider in Tassie who is more plowy than poppy.

Any experience/opinions?

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~100kgs here and used to riding an X2 on my Remedy when I had it, and Prime which I still own.

On another bike I'm running the Kitsuma coil and it really is pretty special.
The rear is pinned to the ground. The 3 position lever makes a VERY noticeable difference with the firm being almost hardtail like.

It's simple to set up with the 4 options (HSC / LSC / HSR / LSR).

No complaints on it in any way.
Not sure how much this helps.


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2021 DHX2 here, 80kg. Really like it. Don’t have recent experience with another coil to compare it to but the range of adjustment is more intuitive and natural feeling than my old 2018 X2 was. Ride is very composed and controlled with shitloads of grip, but with a 50lb higher spring rate I’ve been able to keep things poppy and fun also. Climb switch is nice too and makes the shock very trail friendly. Also like the shorter reservoir size for water bottle carriage but that doesn’t really matter in the Capra I suppose.

No experience with anything Ohlins!


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100kgs here, I havent ridden The kit but have ridden other CC coils and have been happy with the plow factor. Slightly off topic, but also relevant is that I have enjoyed my sprindex coil, nice to not have to buy heaps of springs to try heaps out spring weights.


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Im lining up an EXT Storia at the moment. It seems to have a bit of trickery going on to keep me happy. Cheers everyone!
Please report back, I am leaning this way for the nor too distant future...


Feelin' a bit rrranty
Not 210 x 55 ? That makes me sad. I wanted to be first in line when you sold it :(
I’ll be selling my ‘21 DHX2 (210x55) in a month or two when the Nic frame turns up if you’re chasing a coil for the Deviate (when it turns up).