fav 09 bike?


As I ride DH.......

1. Turner DHR
2. Trek Session 88
3. Yeti 303-R DH

The GT Fury looks wicked. Varsed improvement to the DHi, as far as looks are concerned. I'm loving some of the HT's and XC bikes coming as well.


Annoys the hell out of Grip!

Steel Frame and Fork
Dura Ace and Shimano 105 parts
Retro and cool


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The 2010 Orange 224, it looks like it will have a small linkage in it to further improve the shock ration. It looks great!

Sitting under the 'Strange' prototype label was this enormous monster. Orange is experimenting with using a linkage to control the end stroke of the shock. This one has a massive 3.5in stroke Fox DH shock, ribbed bolted dropouts and an adjustable headtube angle.


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nathan rennies bike has the sickest painjob i think ive ever seen.
the new treks are pretty awesome to.
and konas are practically the same as they were 5 years ago :confused:
they should think about a new bike ??
thats just my opinion