Sold Focus Raven 8.7 Frameset (LARGE) & Fork. Brand New.


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Item: Focus Raven 8.7 Frameset and Fox fork
Location: Ballarat
Item Condition: Brand New
Reason for selling: Don't need it.
Price and price conditions: $2300 +P&P
Extra Info: Just ask.
Pictures: As per...

Brand new Focus Raven 8.7 carbon HT frameset. Size: Large
I bought the bike new and stripped it for the parts, as it had 90% of what I wanted for an up-coming build.
What's left is the Frame, fork, BB, headset, rear axle and lockout trigger.
I have replaced the internal bladders, so it's all good to go.
You get everything listed for the price.
Frame only, with BB, headset and rear axle: $ 1850
Forks only, with lockout trigger: $600
Geo can be found here:

Ignore the Focus website where it says the rear end is 142mm. It's 148mm as per the wheelset spec.

Any questions, just ask.


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in me vL comy
Geo chart on the Focus website if farked.
e.g. how can the seat tube length be 350 for a large? And top tube length be the shorter than a medium or small? And a bunch of other issues...


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Bb30 shell?
What's frame weight
Yes, it’s a PF30 shell. The brand new BB comes with the frameset.
As for weight? I have no idea, sorry? I’m too old school to worry about these things.
Looking a the Focus website, it seems to be the same frame as the top of the line version. They don’t list the frame weights, but the specs listed are the same.
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