NSW FOUND WTB XT M8000 rear mech sgs (long cage)


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Item: XT M8000 rear mech sgs (long cage)
Location: Jervis Bay NSW
Price range/Willing to Pay: $120 if new
Extra Info: I ordered one from Wiggle over a week ago and still waiting for the order to be processed. Really want to get one asap to ride during the holidays. If anyone has one or knows where I can get one in the next couple of days then I would be interested. Must be long cage as my medium is too loose for the higher gears and is dropping the chain off the lower pulley.


Cereal killer
I don’t quite understand. Are you sure it’s not a tuning thing with a medium? Sounds like B screw.
What gears you running?


Cereal killer
11-50, I could try the B screw, thanks moorey
Ah, 11-50...I think the medium struggles with that range. I can’t understand why it would be loose though.
They do claim 39t range for it, which is the max limit for 11-50. I’d tweak with the B screw before giving up.