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What shock are you running at the moment? Vivid for weight weenieness and EXT for shuttles?

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There's not much weight weenie in me!!! He died a long time ago.

I've had the EXT on it for a while now and haven't felt the need to change it out. The climb switch is really needed for the bike. It's tough going uphill with it, and only so much of that is because of the weight, the real "problem" is that it's active suspension and it really feels a bit soggy when you're out of the saddle and stamping it. The climb switch really changes that dramatically.

In fact, in the dream where I get BB1's G15, I am thinking of getting a DT Swiss R414 for it so that it has the climb switch to give it some more zip (my only issue is I'd want to run matchy suspension, and the F535 ONE is EXPENSIVE, and I already have great forks on offer).
When did expense ever stop you? In for a penny my dude, you deserve matchy matchy.
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