TAS Fox DPX2 230mm x 60 to 65mm price drop


El Mariachi
Item: Fox DPX2 230mm x 60-65mm
Price: $300. Neg
Condition: Good. Came on bike with little use.
Reason for sale: Broke frame so now its parts selling time to fund more unnecessary bike parts for new bike.
Extra info: Will swap for a good coil setup? like an Fox X2 or an Ohlins. Plus cash your way if need be. I think its set to 60mm now, but is easy to remove the spacer to extend it to 65. I can do that for you.

It wont be coming off the bike until after the 9th of May unless i can secure a replacement before then.


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Carte d'or what?
Dang. Didn’t see this. Ima need a spare for Felix while his is off for services.