Fox 'No Flange' wiper seals

Discussion in 'Parts 'n Stuff' started by ChrisJC, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. ChrisJC

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    Hey Guys,

    I notice the latest Fox wiper seals have no flange and I'm concerned the seals can be driven in too far as there is no flange to stop against My usual method is to use a section of PVC pipe; however the outside dia of the pipe is slightly less than the outside dia of the seal. Has anyone had experience fitting these new seals? Any tips you can pass on?

    Why do Fox always have to change things? WTF was wrong with the SKF seals?

  2. creaky

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    I doubt you'll have an issue with overdriving the seal.

    I've always used pipe or old external bottom bracket cups to drive the seals in. Was having a hell of a time with the new no flange seals ! After 20mins of trying various methods I caved and bought the new seal tool the next day. Bang, straight in.
  3. ozzybmx

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    2 forks to service with the new no-flange seal kits, destroyed one of the new flangeless seals with my usual seal-pusher-inner-tool, managed to get one fork done.

    Had to order a new seal kit the next day... ordered the tool as well. As Creaky says, straight in with the tool !
  4. ChrisJC

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    Thanks guys, I will order the pusher inerer tool thingamajig...
  5. mark22

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    I put a end cap on the PVC tube and cut out the centre and she works well driving the seals in my Pike and 32mm Fox flangeless seals
  6. ChrisJC

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    I wondered whether that may work. I have an end cap on my PVC pipe to tap the mallet against.
  7. TREK24

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    They are a fuck to put in. Imagine the tool would be the go, but I was too stingy to pay the $40 or whatever they wanted. I managed to find a Pvc fitting at bunnings that I cut down to fit. Most critical bit is getting it started perfectly square, otherwise they'll never go in. Once they're started you can bash them in pretty easily till the outside diameter of the seal is level with the top of the lowers. Pretty hard to over drive them cause they're that damn tight.
    Have fun.......and a little patience.
  8. c3024446

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    The flangeless seals are expensive and look hard to install, so i've just gone with the Racing Bros ones.
  9. Live2DieTrying

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    What's the theory behind flangeless seals? Is is to ensure every seal is damaged upon removal and definitely needs replacement?
    It doesn't make much sense... The flange is handy to remove and refit seals that still have some life left in them. Seems the change was really, unnecessary.
  10. rone

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    You mean there's some kind of conspiracy???
  11. ozzybmx

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    Yep... me too !

    I can usually bodge up something to do the job rather than buy a proprietary tool, but there was 4 of us that chipped in for the oil to service 4 x 32mm Fox forks and I buggered 1 seal out of one of the sets, so it cost me $50 to buy another set of seals, this then scared 2 of the blokes off... who thought I would do their seals for them. So we decided as a group to buy the tool, so I added it to the new seal kit order and grabbed a tool as well. Handy if there is a few of your mates with same diameter forks.
  12. Boom King

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    Fucking People's Front of Flangea!
  13. c3024446

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    Digging this - on a 2017 Fox Fork, e.g. a Step cast that comes with the flangeless seals, can I put flanged Racing Bros seals back in? There seems to be a lip on the fork for me to say yes, but not sure if there is enough lip.....anyone out there serviced a 2017 yet?
  14. PJO

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