NSW G-form elbow pads L

Discussion in 'Wanted to Buy' started by swaz, May 13, 2018.

  1. swaz

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    Item: G-Form elbow pads in Medium
    Location: Central Coast, NSW but will pay for postage
    Item Condition: used
    Reason for selling: No selling, buying!
    Price and price conditions: Used please!
    Extra Info: Before I pull the trigger on some brand new ones, would like to continue my trend of buying 2nd hand.
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  2. spikenet

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  3. Nerf Herder

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    I think I have some medium elbows I'm not using. $30 ... Well used.
    However, unless you are real just using them as a safety net, I'd recommend some IXS Flow pads.
    I have some of them as well $60 barely used.

    Email is best. I'll rummage thru the shed and find the GForm ... IXS I definitely have.

    Have you moved ? central coast now?

    THE CHENZ Likes Dirt

    Bugger, I have a mint Large set. Lightly used :)
  5. Nerf Herder

    Nerf Herder Wheel size expert

    we all know you don't ride Vince :)

    THE CHENZ Likes Dirt

    Interesting comment...reveal yourself! Haha:D

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