TAS Geometron G16 XL


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Item: Geometron G16 'XL' frame
Location: Hobart - happy to arrange freight
Item Condition: Excellent
Reason for selling: new one...
Price and price conditions: $3750 ono
Extra Info: includes frame, EXT Storia shock (175mm travel) Hope BB & cranks, Hope Headset, Hope seat clamp. Size is Geometron XL, refer their geometry chart for details: https://geometronbikes.co.uk/bikes/g16/
For reference I am 187.5cm. In short, this is the best bike I have owned, very capable in all terrain and can be run as 27.5 or 29 or hybrid wheel size. Happy to answer question via PM.
Pictures: in built up condition...



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GLWS. Lucky I already got my dose of 29er German goodness, otherwise I would feel uncomfortably too similar to Zaf.

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Alone with time for videogames.

Don't take that as an insult. There are times when I'm tempted to kill for that kind of freedom.

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