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I know it looks odd but you don’t really need to worry about reach when seated. I’ve just gone to a ‘new geo’ rig (Trasition Sentinel) with the reach being 34mm longer than my previous bike but the effective top tube being 8mm shorter.

But its more than just that - the stack is higher and the top tube and seat tube much lower.

All combined it means that the bike is really comfortable when seated (because of the slightly shorter top tube) and i can move around on it with more freedom (longer reach) and it disappears beneath me when jumping because i now have a 170mm dropper.

Pretty cool how it all comes together.

BTW - sick bike @the drizzle . Will have to catch up with you and @TheAzza down at red hill one day
I reckon you were up at Eaton’s at the same time as me the other day.
I saw your results on Strava.

What you riding now?

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the drizzle

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@the drizzle She's an absolute stunner rig btw!
Also, although I love the EXT storia, I can't help but point out that an MRP Hazard would colour match your hardware perfectly...but you'd also have to go matchy matchy on the fork.
Do you think it'd play with a 230x65 metric?
Cheers mate. Your build threads definitely contributed to this purchase!

I dunno if the additional 8mm i2i would work. I have read a lot about the bike and haven't heard of anyone fitting a metric shock.

Pretty happy with the suspension platform but would like to experiment with a 222x70 shock to get the 175mm travel at some stage for shuttle days. I am watching a cheap Marzocchi Bomber C2R Prog Boost on ebay. Seems like the new version of the dhx rc4 and has the bottom out control also.

Matchy is always a good option too.

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the drizzle

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Made a few updates to my rig since posting it up here.

Fitted a bash guard and chain guide
Hope BB
Hope crankset
Nukeproof horizon carbon bars
Swapped the braided brake lines for standard ones
One up 210 dropper post
Ergon grips

Have an Ergon saddle in the post.

Aside from me wanting a hope stem I'm pretty much finished with the bike for the time being.

Really cannot put into words how well this thing corners.

Taken it up to Eaton's regularly to hit the jumps and am finding it more and more flickable the more time I spend riding it.

Absolutely love this rig.

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the drizzle

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Slapped a 12speed xt drive train on after the microspline driver arrived from Ali express.

Needed to swap the seal, pawls and springs over from the existing driver which was a little nerve racking as those springs are tiny but managed it without issue.

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