STOLEN Giant Anthem X SL1 2010 Sutherland Shire area


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Some mother&&%*%%% has stolen my bike out of my garage which was bike locked to the wall.

the bike is running sram XO gear, with mavic crossmark rims, large frame size, and has a cateye speedo computer centred on the stem, with shimano m540 clip in pedals

this is what it looks like

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I'm not really sure it needed to be closed. Leaving it alone would have wasted less giggybytes.

Let's hear an interesting story then.


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Sadly bike was never found again, however NRMA were kind enough to replace it with a new bike under home contents insurance. Bit of a story, a knee injury along with sciatica has limited my bike adventures then when everything was getting back on track a car accident caused severe whiplash and a c5-c6 disc bulge in my neck that took forever to heal up and still gives me a bit of grief to this day. Plus have a slight dislike for driving now as i can't trust other drivers around me. Now however, I have a few things turning into a more positive light and am looking forward to riding again to fit in with my healthier eating and movement.