Giant Anthem X1


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So things went sour with my Rocky Mountain ETS x 70 i bought on ebay , put it in to get afew things done at For the Riders and luckily they spotted a hairline crack in the seat tube and 2 other sus looking spots , the seller was good and gave me a full refund so i picked up this yesterday , only had aquick ride but should work out pretty good i think , could use a new chain/rings and casette everything else looks pretty much like new ... Bloke i bought it off said its 2010 but its got the Fox forks ,and im told factory mavic rims and race face bars ,stem and seatpost so couldn't work out if its 10 or 11 from the Giant site .... any ideas anyone ? thought only the 11 had tapered fox bike.jpg


Glad the sour Lemon got sorted!!! Hopefully you didn't lose too much money on that

the Giant is most def an 09... Maybe he implied it was an 09 model and Purchased 2010?

I recall Giant started using tapered headtubes mid 2010
and then moved onto the ridiculous overdrive2's a year~ later

You still have a blood awesome bike! slx cranks and what seems to be elixir r brakes?


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Ah thanks guys , that would be it ...shouldv'e gone back another year ... Yeh has the elixir R,s , 819 rims ... couldve got a 2012 for 100 bucks less , still abit over the budget but this looked in better shape overall, said he only really use it on the road ,so i grabbed it ... Yeh it was lucky with the rocky mountain, im down about 100 bucks due to return freight but i had just spent 400 getting the shock rebuilt ,new BB etc etc and he fixed me up for that to so couldv'e been alot worse , damn that wouldv'e been a great bike if it wasn't so shagged , shouldve done my interwebz research on that a bit more , apparently all the pre 06/7 one are prone to cracking ... ah well , keen to hit Bunya with this on the weekend , hopefully itll cheer up my recent buyers remorse ... haha